Thursday, February 28, 2008

What an Idiot!

I want to give voice to my excitement in being accepted into Barebones. However, honesty forces me to admit that until recently, I would look down my Beverly Hills Playhouse-trained nose at the Barebones International Film Festival in Muskogee Oklahoma. Who would even apply? Being accepted would be like admitting that your movie... no, that you are a loser. "Go back to your cubicle and eek out your meager living you artless leming. Your movie is in Barebones! Hah!"

I continue to be amazed at how much more I knew about the black art of movie making before I actually made one. And not only was I more skilled and knowledgable back then, I was quite confident of my critique of other movies - even the big boys. "O, Shamalama-ding-dong camped out way too long on that water glass thing in Signs, ya know? I mean come on, does he think I'm stupid? I get it already. What an idiot!" Or, "That's not James Bond. Campbell's missed the whole concept. What an idiot!"

Then came my own movie, Treasure Blind. My ego went from inflated to realistic to wounded to groveling in about a week. It was great character training, but hard on one's self esteem. I now tip my hat to each and every film maker for the audacity to think that they could do better than all these other idiots, and then having the character to forge ahead and finish when it became obvious that those other idiots were really very good. Congratulations for completing one of life's toughest lessons: making a movie. Or, the alternate title might be, Executed Shot by Shot.

Anyway, on this side of the lesson, I'm now humbled and excited to have been accepted into the fine international film festival, Barebones, and I hope to at least get some positive press from the reviewers to use in my on going search for a distributor. My only fear now is that those reviewers may have never made a movie, and will therefore know so much more than you or me. We're idiots!